Prayer For Healing

Prayer For Healing

At the core of this Prayer For Healing, is the presence of a Higher Intelligence.  This Higher Intelligence is also referred to as Source Energy or the Creator.  I firmly believe that no one really knows the real identity of Higher Intelligence.

Indeed, if the identity of Higher Intelligence had been clearly revealed in the past, there would not be the need for a multitude of religions, warring and slaughtering one another, all claiming to be the right one.

I don’t support the concept of “Divinity”, nor do I believe in gods, goddesses, flying lizards and levitating supermen.  I accept the fact that these mythical characters and parables may have served our prehistoric ancestors well–they certainly helped humanity evolve. 

Indeed, without gods, goddesses and stories of horned demons dragging “sinners” into fiery hell our ancestors would not have learned to exercise self-control–there would no be a civilisation today. 

Without organised religions, the human race would not have evolved and we would still be in a state of chaos and anarchy.

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So this prayer is not based on religious beliefs.  The Prayer for healing is based on the principle that there is a Higher Intelligence that is at the core of all that exists.  We also know that this intelligence is benevolent and friendly towards us.

When using the prayer address the Higher Intelligence within you with dignity.  There is no need for begging, crawling and prostrating yourself before “a God figure”.

Compare the interaction to seeking the advice and help of a beloved parent or trusted and loyal friend. (If your parents or friend demand that you bow down to them, please disregard this comparison.)

The human race is the result of a carefully planned and intelligent intervention from a Higher Intelligence, the properties of this Higher Intelligence is in your DNA and therefore you share some of its abilities.

Compare yourself to a drop of the ocean of life containing all the elements of the ocean.  You are not the ocean, but you are part of the ocean of life.

Prayer For Healing

This Prayer For Healing is for everyone

The prayer will work for you irrespective of your creed, nationality, perceived level of intelligence or abilities.

The healing prayer works wonderfully for me and many of the people who have used it.   There are no guarantees whatsoever that it will produce the results you desire–but you can rest assured that every Prayer for healing is acted upon immediately.

The outcomes of the healing prayer may be immediate or delayed.   It is my experience that Higher Intelligence will always respond with a solution that best fits your current level of evolution.  It will set into motion events and circumstances for your benefit and the benefit of all involved.

Uses for the healing prayer

The prayer does not need to be confined to matters relating to health.  Indeed, those who have experienced healings consistently report considerable benefits in all areas of their lives.

Therefore, even if you enjoy perfect health, this is a very good thing to experience. 

Use the prayer for any purpose at all…

  • other people
  • your country
  • your city
  • for loved ones
  • pets
  • plants
  • inanimate objects

When to pray for healing

Use this prayer at any of these times: 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm or 8 pm your time, or before retiring.  For additional instructions and details about this prayer go to Thereisaway.

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